Since its inception in 2011, HCI, a youth driven not-for-profit organization, has been involved with incubating and sustaining social enterprises and charitable initiatives. After successfully floating a dozen social start-ups, HCI has now set-up professionally run Social Innovation and Business Incubation Hubs (SIBI Hubs) at Kathmandu and Nepalgunj. National Volunteers, one of the HCI initiatives mandated by the government of Nepal, envisions being connected with youths in every ward of every village/town in the country by 2020, and therefore gives an enormous ability to HCI SIBI Hub to reach out to the enterprising young minds in every nook and corner of the country.


How does HCI SIBI Hub help young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

  1. Provides Shared-Work-Space and Inspirational Learning Environment to young entrepreneurs at its centers in Kathmandu (four) and Nepalgunj,
  2. Provides a critical environment to help the young entrepreneurs shape their vague ideas into potential businesses,
  3. Provides the inexperienced yet aspiring entrepreneurs with mentors with start-up business experiences in Nepal,
  4. Connects the young entrepreneurs with experts from related field/s to bounce their ideas off and get valuable feedback. They include experts from the legal and accountancy fields as well as government officials,
  5. Helps the young entrepreneurs in developing their business/HR/Financing plan,
  6. Inculcates the true meaning of ‘sustainability’ in the minds of young entrepreneurs, and encourage them to pursue a ‘triple bottom-line’ approach in targeting and measuring success,
  7. Connects the young entrepreneurs with investors (angel investors, impact investors, private equities and so on) that may be interested in funding their businesses, and
  8. Connects the young entrepreneurs with fellow young entrepreneurs across the country and existing supply chain of the country’s leading business houses and accomplished entrepreneurs.

The whole gamut of services provided by HCI to the youth from all over the country puts the SIBI Hub run by it at an extraordinarily advantageous position to connect to and tap into a large pool of enterprising young brains of the country.  HCI envisions itself as playing a CATALYTIC role in promoting and improving the Start-UP Ecosystem in Nepal by collaborating with various individual and institutions as partners or clients. HCI will continue to advocate for a congenial start-up environment in Nepal.

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