National Volunteer Nepal

‘National Volunteers’ run under specific mandate of the Government of Nepal. More than 8,000 Volunteers are registered with the program while this text is being written. The social enterprise targets to enroll more than 1,00,000 volunteers in its fold by the year 2020, and keep a pool of 20,000 trained volunteers ready for the service of the society and environment at any given point including the times of disaster. By 2020, the enterprise shall have at least one male and one female volunteer enrolled in its Smart Phone App from every single ward of every single VDC and Municipal Area of the country.

Economic Viability: To keep itself economically viable the Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise levies adequate Service Charge to the national and international agencies needing ‘volunteers’ and ‘trainees’. Because of its extensive database, in future, the Social Enterprise will add more sources of revenue to its fold.

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I am a social work student. Being a National Volunteer, I got very good opportunity to practically learn what I am taught on my undergraduate course. This has pushed me to do more and more for the society and people.

Nikshan Khwaunju, National Volunteer

If you think giving back to the nation is mere rhetorical, be a National Volunteer to materialize these words into action.

Hardik Subedi, National Volunteer