The Gen Nep Impact

The Gen Nep Impact educates and gives practical insights to the youth about Sustainability, Impact, Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship. More than 200 youths have graduated from its various courses so far. All program leaders and social entrepreneurs associated with HCI come from this stream.

Economic Viability: The Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise (ToT), and developing audio-visual and written content, the social enterprise is extending its reach to locations outside Kathmandu.

Charges reasonable fees to the youth who enroll in the courses. The enterprise charges affordable facilitation fee to the youth for finding them internships and job openings, and guiding them for further education.

Sustainability’ is a word I had been hearing since quite a while. But only through the ILDP course I did learn what sustainability truly means. I am now more aware of things I do and my surrounding, more informed about the consequences of my actions. I am more determined than ever to act more sustainably. Taking this course has been one of the best decisions of my life because I am a much different and better person now. I hope to put the knowledge I gained through this course to good use and implement it as much as I can. I will encourage others to do the same.

Utsah Ojha

The experiences of the course given were beyond my expectation. It really helped me broaden my paradigm towards sustainability and leadership. This course has widened the scope of my thought. Along with the knowledge, meeting with the youth who believe in change and reform was very remarkable. For a student of BBA, and a social activist, this program have increased my thoughts to green sustainable business and social events with powerful impacts. I would like to thank The Gen Nep for involving youth like us and connecting us to unseen and neglected global issues for which we are responsible of.

Rochak Bohora