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Enrollment VS SEE Appearance in 10 years

Sadbhaw Scholarships Program was initiated by Himalayan Climate Initiative with the mission ‘No Nepali child drops out of school due to poverty’. It aims to help those students who are highly likely to drop out from school due to poverty. Scholarship package is an in-kind educational package that consists of educational materials enough to support a student for an entire school year.


To build an educated Nepali Society


To provide scholarships to 1,00,000 needy students by 2025


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Hart4onderwijsNepal (H4oN) is a Dutch (ANBI)Foundation that works with the belief that education is the basic right of every child and education is the key to building a new future and structurally combating poverty in Nepal. Through its exclusive partnership with HCI’s Sadbhaw Scholarship Program, H4oN’s purpose is to contribute to the improvement of primary education in Nepal and reduction of school drop-outs. By raising funds in the Netherlands, H4oN organises a sponsor trip to Nepal in October-November every year to provide practical support to the needy students in the form of scholarship packages and coaching and equipment support to the teachers. Till 2018, 600 children have received support and 500 more will be receiving support in 2019 through H4oN’s partnership with HCI’s Sadbhaw Scholarship Program.

VG Foundation

VG Foundation is a Vishal Group (a leading business conglomerate of Nepal)’s initiative for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Business Development. Since 2013, as a Lead Partner, VG Foundation has partnered with Sadbhaw Scholarships program. It supports the program by providing kind support in the form of stationery materials.


18 Sadbhaw schlorship Distribution budhanilakantha

18 Sadbhaw schlorship Distribution budhanilakantha

Kagati (Nuwakot) 100 Scholarships distribution

Kagati (Nuwakot) 100 Scholarships distribution

Listikot (sindhupalchwok) 100 Schlorship Distribution

Listikot (sindhupalchwok) 100 Schlorship Distribution


Sadbhaw Scholarship has a standard selection process that comprises the need and merit of students. Need of the student gets almost 75% of the weights where as merit of the students get 25 % while going through the selection process. Selection process has several steps. Initially, Sadbhaw Scholarships creates partnership with local schools before implementing program. Then schools are provided selection forms through local volunteers, school management committee officials or local authorities. Students are shortlisted after they fill up the forms. The second last stage of scholarship award process of shortlisting the neediest and deserving students from the standard marking system of 75% need and 25% merit. Sadbhaw conducts interview of the parents, students or school administration if required. Students get Sadbhaw Scholarships in the final stage of selection where local community members, government authorities, youths-volunteers, parents, students are invited. Contributors are updated after handover of the scholarship with background of the students they helped, thank you video and pictures and contact details.

Scholarship Package

Sadbhaw Scholarship package comprises of 50 Notebooks, 10 Pens, 24 Pencils, 1 Instrument Box, 1 Scientific Calculator, 1 School Bag, 1 pair of Shoes and 1 set of School Uniform.


Butti Tamang
Butti Tamang is 12 years old cute little girl from a small village, Kanglan of Listikot. She stays with her grand mother fter the passing of her father who she was very close to. After her father passed away, her mother had second arriage and left her all alone. She was not only a kid to her parents, she also has a younger 5 year old sister.
Lakpa Nurpu Sherpa
Lakpa Nurpu Sherpa is one of the cheerful kid of Haku, Rasuwa. He is a bright student of class 10 th , Shree Haku Secondary School. Lakpa lost his home in the devastating events of April’s earthquake. Which added more layers of trouble to his family. Lakpa has be raised in poor facilities yet he has dreams to achieve all he wants in his life. When we ask him how he will achieve so much. He says “Karma”. He believes if he supports his tendency to be educated, one day he will achieve everything through his skills.
Amar Singh Tamang
Amar singh tamang is a student of grade 9 from shree Amar singh tamang is a student of grade 9 from shree Birendra Secondary School. Being from a small village he keeps the capacity of learning and getting knowledge as the big town students. He studies in scholarship from sadbhaw scholarship organization. He has a good extra curricular activites along with his studies. In the recent earthquake of 2072 he lost his father and his mother.

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Kagati, Nuwakot