No Thanks! I Carry My Own Bag

This is probably one of the most successful youth campaigns of Nepal that roughly over two years’ period convinced all stakeholders to agree to get Plastic Bags banned- rst in Kathmandu and then all of Nepal. The ban order will create at least 20,000 new jobs in Nepal that were lost to the cheap plastic imports, and will create signi cant value addition to the local economy while eliminating the use of a major environmental hazard. ‘No Thanks!’ campaign calls for refusing anything that we do not really need. It is a campaign to stop all kind of over-consumption in society, and therefore shall continue much beyond the plastic bag ban.

Economic Viability: The campaign is self-sustainable. It does not depend on external sources. Different smart initiatives and Social Enterprises run by HCI fund it. This is because the campaign helps promoting the ‘values’ these initiatives and enterprises collectively promote.

Understanding the current environmental hazards, it has become a necessity to ban plastic bags in Nepal. It will help to make our environment clean as well as to provide substantial number of green jobs, like making cotton and other bio-degradable shopping bags to the disadvantaged segment of the society. As a young political leader, I vehemently support this youth led campaign and shall try my best to form legislation for the ban.

Gagan Thapa, CA Member, Nepali Congress

As a concerned generation, it is our inherent duty to ensure that we keep our environment clean. That’s why I use my own biodegradable shopping bag instead of using plastic that remains in the environment as a major pollutant for thousands of years. I believe that we should minimize our dependency on plastic bags. After all, it is not as difficult as we think. You’ll feel responsible once you’ll avoid using it.

Agrima K C, Student