Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) is a Youth driven Nepali Non-Profit Organization committed to Social Inclusion and Climate Resilience. It advocates Nepal to adopt a Zero-Carbon Economic Growth trajectory. HCI runs Social Innovation and Business Incubation Hub (SIBI Hub) in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj which has rolled out twelve socially minded start-ups aligned to its three-pronged strategy.


Nepali Economy gets irreversibly and firmly put on the path to Sustainable Development.


Promote Sustainable Solutions to address the Social & Environmental Challenges in Economically feasible ways.


National Volunteer Nepal

An official Volunteering Network of Nepal jointly run by Government of Nepal and HCI to mobilise and deploy National Volunteers in various nation-building efforts to spread harmony.

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The Gen Nep Impact

A Youth Career Development Program that promotes and enables Nepali youth to be factors of change driving the nation towards sustainable and inclusive development.

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Hi Mate!

Bringing volunteers and youth from across the world, getting them engaged in inspirational and result-oriented work in Nepal.

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Zero Carbon Nepal

Building a Green National Identity for the country to ensure it remains committed on green development path while supporting robust growth of its exports.

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Hamri Bahini

The Green Angels- Social Enterprise creating Green Jobs for Nepali women with less formal education. Helping them in a sustainable way.

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Nagar Mitra- Friends of the city

Enhancing social profile and economic status of waste workers of Nepal. Helping them meet their healthcare, education and capacity building needs.

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Sadbhaw Scholarships

Free and Fair Scholarships for 100,000 students all over Nepal by engaging community leaders and raising resources locally from institutions and individuals.

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सुरक्षित घर - Resilient Homes

A climate smart housing initiative to help build climate-smart and earthquake resistant homes using locally sourced materials.

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Jalabayu Anukul

Helping Nepali Businesses and Industries get environment-friendly and climate- smart. Help them get competitive while improving their market image.

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Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities

Carrying the voice of mountain dwellers and securing the love and support of international community that wants to help people in the Himalayas.

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No Thanks! I Carry My Own Bag

A Youth Led Public Campaign to get plastic shopping bags banned with support of million Nepalese. A pledge card that creates incentives for those not using plastic .

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The State of Himalayas

Communicating stories from the Himalayas to the world seeking their collaboration to help safeguard Himalayan ecology and the people dependent on it.

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National Volunteers registered
Champions of Sustainable Development created
MoUs signed with Partners
Citizens directly involved

Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) believes that for any non-profit organization to operate and succeed it must have significant support and trust of its stakeholders. HCI believes that in order for any organization to be a truly sustainable entity, it must be creating positive values in Social, Environmental and Economic domains. HCI sets its Goals and measures its Impact using the triple bottom-line approach as accepted globally.

Scholarships distributed
Employment created
Homes built
People helped
Volunteering Hours dedicated
Waste Workers' Income significantly enhanced
430 tons
Green House Gas reduced through PET Bottles recycling
6,460 tons
Green House Gas reduced through Plastic Bag Ban in Kathmandu (upon implementation)
Major Industry chosen to go ‘Climate Smart’ way
NRs. 20.4 Crores
(USD 2 Million)
Resources Raised
NRs. 3.7 Crores
(USD 376 thousand)
Social Enterprise Surplus re-invested
NRs. 41 Lakhs
(USD 41 thousand)
Contribution to Government Revenue (HCI is an income tax exempt organization)

Our Team

Prashant Singh
Founder & Chairperson

Dear Friends,

Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) remains committed to its goal of furthering 'Sustainability' in all facets of Nepali Polity and Economy-and thereby help the global sustainable development movement. Founding HCI and building the organization into the country's largest homegrown Social Innovation and Business Incubation Hub has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

This journey would not have been so swift without the trust and goodwill of some of the accomplished entrepreneurs and professionals of Nepal who joined me in founding HCI in 2011. Thanks to their support and that of the other stakeholders, HCI has rolled out some twelve social start-ups this far.

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