Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities

CAHC was constituted by HCI after successful culmination of the 99 days long ‘The Great Himalaya Trails (GHT)- Climate Smart Trek’ attracting the attention of the government towards lack of Sustainable Development in Nepal’s mountains. The trek was led by Apa Sherpa- one of the greatest mountaineers who holds the world record of climbing Mt. Everest 21 times in as many years. Among other imperatives, CAHC is committed to build ‘The Great Himalaya Trails’ as world’s rst climate smart trail. CAHC is Strategic Partner to several signi cant development organizations and foundations that wish to implement sustainable development activities in the Mountain Communities of Nepal. CAHC functions as the advocacy arm of HCI.

Economic Viability: This self-sustained not-for-pro t organization carries the authentic voice of the Climate Change threatened mountain dwellers to national, regional and international platforms as their most signi cant advocacy group. It comprises of community leaders representing most ethnicities living in the foothills of 21 Himalayan Peaks of Nepal.

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It is not that the world is not aware about the problems of the Himalayas. We even get financial and technical assistance, but most of the funds provided by the world for the mountain people are spent without our knowledge in such places that barely touch our problems. CAHC unites people and helps to bring the authentic voice of the Himalayas to the regional, national and international levels.

Chhurim Sherpa, Guinness World Recordist-climbing Everest twice a week

Himalayan Communities of Nepal are hardly seen progressing towards modern day development. Many organizations and institutions work for improving the lives of people of Himalayas but do not seem that impactful because they cannot understand the roots of all problems faced as the locals do. Therefore, this Alliance brings the civil society members and leaders of all Himalayan districts to work together.

Ang Thsering Sherpa, Chairman, Asian Trekking