Zero Carbon Nepal

Building a Green National Identity for the country to ensure it remains committed on green development path.

 With the current low industrial development, Nepal has very less contribution in the total global carbon emission. This status can be carefully applied to build low-carbon economy by developing a “Made in Zero Carbon Nepal” label for every Nepali product which will not only make our economy strong but also help Nepal become a preferred country for foreign investments.   

Ranjit Acharya, CEO, Prisma Advertising

 Zero Carbon Nepal is such a visionary initiative designed to promote green economy and low carbon development in Nepal in ways that does not hinder any of its development imperatives. This will ensure economic benefits to the country remaining on the green development path.  

Ajay B Pradhanang, MD, Fleur Himalayan Ltd.

Nepal’s carbon emission is near zero if seen in the global context. Without a doubt, it is indicative of the country’s low industrial development, and therefore, a bad news is some ways. Yet, if the country choses to maintain its low-carbon status smartly, while going ahead, this status would give it the all-needed head start for massive economic development.

Zero-Carbon Nepal Vision 2030 (ZCN) which HCI is pushing for as a civil society organization working closely with National Planning Commission of Nepal would ensure inclusive growth of Nepal- a largely agrarian country. Other than Agriculture, harnessing Green Energy and expanding the reach of Tourism as livelihood provider are the only two areas where the country stands at a competitive advantage.  An inspiration vision like ZCN can bring in technical knowledge, foreign direct investment as well as foreign aid in much larger quantity- therefore providing the required impetus to push the Nepali economy on a fast paced double digit growth. Besides, a vision like ZCN, and branding Nepali products as ‘Made in Zero Carbon Nepal’ would give an advantage to Nepali exports- currently almost dying. A vision of the ZCN sort is the only way to get the country out of abject poverty, and put it in the path of becoming a Developed Economy by 2030.

HCI, along with leading members of Nepal’s industrial affinity groups; Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) and Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI); is developing ZCN vision for Nepal, and developing a label ‘Made in Zero Carbon Nepal’ for Nepal’s produce.