Zero Carbon Nepal

This non-dividend distributing company has been set up to scale up and professionally run HCI’s homegrown Social Enterprises once they go past incubation stage. Besides, the company runs independent business ideas promoting low carbon and zero carbon options. The company also promotes Nepal, as a country, to go for a Economic Viability: The non-dividend distributing new National-Brand ‘Zero Carbon Nepal’. Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) has signed an MoU with HCI in this regard.

Economic Viability: The non-dividend distributing company besides being self-sustainable itself, pays back HCI a part of its income accruing to it from continuing the HCI’s homegrown social enterprises.

With the current low industrial development, Nepal has very less contribution in the total global carbon emission. This status can be carefully applied to build low-carbon economy by developing a “Made in Zero Carbon Nepal” label for every Nepali product which will not only make our economy strong but also help Nepal become a preferred country for foreign investments.

Ranjit Acharya, CEO, Prisma Advertising

Zero Carbon Nepal is such a visionary initiative designed to promote green economy and low carbon development in Nepal in ways that does not hinder any of its development imperatives. This will ensure economic benefits to the country remaining on the green development path.

Ajay B Pradhanang, MD, Fleur Himalayan Ltd.