The Initiative

Himalayan Climate Intiative(HCI) is a Youth driven Nepali Non-Profit Organization committed to Social Inclusion and Climate Resilience. It advocates Nepal to choose a Zero-Carbon Economic Growth trajectory. Co-founded in 2011 by a group of eminent entrepreneurs of Nepal, HCI delivers IMPACT by incubating, supporting and sustaining social- entrepreneurial intiatives. HCI prides itself in finding and developing dozens of youth leaders, earning support from hundreds of corporate and civil society partners, and having developed strategic connect with multiple government institutions of Nepal. It has rolled out twelve socially minded start-ups aligned to its three-pronged strategy.

Since its inception in 2011, HCI has been involved with incubating and sustaining social enterprises and charitable initiatives. After successfully floating a dozen social start-ups, HCI has now set-up professionally run Social Innovation and Business Incubation Hubs (SIBI Hubs) at Kathmandu and Nepalgunj.


Nepali Economy gets irreversibly and firmly put on the path to Sustainable Development.


Promote Sustainable Solutions to address the Social & Environmental Challenges in Economically feasible ways.

Transparency and Corporate Governance remain at the core of the organization. It is only by applying these measures that the monumental task on hand could be accomplished.


Volunteerism: We believe in the supremacy of passion to serve the society above technical competency. We encourage volunteerism at all levels of the organization, and in all facets of our work. OurFounder works as our CEO voluntarily without taking any remuneration from the organization.

Corporate Governance: Our Governing Board, comprising of accomplished professionals from Nepal, meets regularly, discusses important agenda items, deliberates, and takes decisions for our executives to follow. The Board provides strategic directives to the executives, supports the organization in partnership and resource mobilization. It creates enabling environment for our executives to achieve organizational mission.

Transparency: We practice transparency in all facets of its work. Our website has a dedicated section on transparency where all publicly relevant legal and financial information are openly shared with public. Our office provides ourAudited Financial Statementsto any member of the public that are interested in HCI’s financial state of affairs. 

Zero Carbon and Low Cost Operations: We are committed to Zero carbon and low cost operations. Ouroverhead costs remain minimal given the volunteerism at the top as well as in our ranks, and our commitment to maintain a sleek organizational structure overall. We buycarbon offsetsannually to take care of any unavoidable carbon emission that our operations end up making.

Information Technology: Wemake use of available and affordable informational technology to the utmost in our operations. We use online social media for most of our outreach functions. We strive relentlessly to create a paper-less work environment and place-neutral work opportunities promoting online contributions. We have developed a slogan ‘Printed with Regret’ to constantly remind ourselves of the negatives of printing on paper.

Discipline on Execution: We provide our executives with clear job descriptions. Each of our executives sign a contractual performance matrix. Their annual evaluation is based on their performance against the mutually agreed matrix. We practice a 360-degree evaluation every year where executives get a chance to evaluate the effectiveness of their seniors and peers to execute the work at their hands and to fulfill the organizational mission. 


Transformational: We attempt to transform the problem-situations into solutions in such a way that the former become non-existent. We take entrepreneurial route as far as practicable while devising and implementing our innovative solutions. 

Rational: We take approaches that are driven by practicalities rather than any socio-political or economic dogma. We take into account the modern-day knowledge generated across the world. Yet we also value the age-old wisdom of our societies.

Innovative: Innovation remains central to all our work- be it administrative, be it programmatic. We come up with noble yet smart initiatives to benefit communities in our countries on a regular basis.There are innovations in our work processes too.

Synergistic: We believe in the collaboration being the key to our success. We make useof the invented wheel rather than try re-inventing it. We believe social work can achieve huge efficiencies if organizations involved benefit from eachother’s strengths.