The State of Himalayas

Communicating stories from the Himalayas to the world to help safeguard Himalayan ecology and people dependent on it.

 There are numerous small and big issues in the Himalayas causing hindrance to its development. Some positive developments are definitely expected to occur through the efforts made under this program as it develops and deploys compelling communication materials and portrays the issues of the Himalayas to the entire world.  

Dawa Steven Sherpa, MD, Asian Trekking

 Though Himalayas are the asset of the nation, problems faced by this region are and have remained un-addressed for many years now. The in-depth research oriented program, The State of The Himalayas, helps our problems reach to the concerned stakeholders, and paves way that the problems get solved.  

Apa Sherpa, World Record holder who climbed Mt. Everest 21 times

The State of the Himalayas is anaction oriented knowledge generation program of HCI. HCI recognizes the need to demystify Climate Change in popular perception and disseminate information to stakeholders in simplistic and usable manner.

The Program conducts action-research, and develops compelling communication material exhibiting the developments in the Himalayas, both positive and negative, for the world at large to have a balanced perspective on the goings-on.

So far the world has largely noticed the aesthetic side to the Himalayas-it being the place of immense beauty. The fact that the Himalayas have huge ecological and economic value hardly come into public discourse. The program attempts, with a belief that, following that recognition, real development would follow.