Sadbhaw Scholarships- Nepali Le Nepali Laai

Sadbhaw Scholarships Social Enterprise has been set up with a vision- ‘No Nepali child drops out of school due to poverty’. The enterprise provides School Dress, Shoes, School Bags, Notebooks, Pens and Pencils, Instruments Box and Calculator to poor students that are likely to drop out of school because of lack of these educational materials. Besides, the enterprise provides tuition support to poor students using technology and volunteers. The enterprise has provided Scholarships to more than 950 needy students this far. It aims to provide more than hundred thousand (one lakh) scholarships by 2025.

Economic Viability: The Social Enterprise has standard offerings to contributors and clients from among Nepali Nationals that are willing to work with the enterprise. One seventh of the revenue earned goes to pay for administering the scholarship- thereby keeping the enterprise economically viable.

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I earn a sum of Rs. Five Thousand roughly per month pulling a cart on the Nepal-India border. The amount, earned after hours of hardship every day, is not even enough to help survive the daily life of my family and eventually I have to take loans to sustain. Due to the same, managing money for my daughter, Priyanka’s education was impossible. As she has been awarded the Sadbhaw Scholarships, I now am at peace that my daughter can study without any obstruction till SLC.

Binod Kumri, father of Priyanka Kumri, Birgunj, Parsa

Being born as a girl, my parents had already decided to keep me out of school. Because of our poor financial condition, my parents could not afford to send the all three of us to school and chose my brothers education over mine. I felt so helpless that I even wanted to put an end to my life. But, I heartily thank Sadbhaw Scholarships to help me pursue my schooling further. And here I stand today, living my dream to become a Nurse in near future.

Arti Kumari Sah, Student, Saptari