सुरक्षित घर- Resilient Homes

Resilient Homes Social Enterprise has been set up in the wake of the disastrous earthquake that hit Nepal. Tens of thousands of people in the rural areas lost the most precious asset of theirs- their home. Many lost their loved ones too to the fragile houses they used to live in. The social enterprise, with the help of volunteer architects, designed an affordable, environment friendly and earthquake resilient home model that could be assembled rather quickly in villages without the need of electricity and cement. The same model can be used to promote home-stay facilities across the trekking routes helping the disadvantaged groups earn livelihood through ecotourism. So far, more than 600 houses are already built under the initiative.

Economic Viability: The Social Enterprise has standard offerings to contributors and clients from among concerned global citizenry and foundations that are willing to work with the enterprise. One seventh of the revenue generated goes to pay for administering the enterprise- thereby keeping it economically viable.