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‘100 Green Warriors’ challenge is back

‘100 Green Warriors’ challenge is back

18 October 2015:

‘No Thanks I Carry My Own Bag’ campaigners are back with the popular youth challenge ‘100 Green Warriors’ with an aim to promote bio-degradable cotton bags as an alternatives of plastic bags.

The '100 Green Warriors- Reloaded' challenge was initially planned for 3 days with the target to promote 5000 cotton bags (NRS 100 per bag) in Kathmandu's market. Altogether, 70 volunteers were oriented for the challenge. Unfortunately, because of the ongoing fuel crisis, the core Campaign team decided to postpone the challenge.

However, campaigners were so excited for the challenge that they conducted a pilot project of the Challenge where 32 campaigners managed to sell 412 bags in three hub places successfully collecting 41,200 amount of money.

The core team (Roshna Subedi, Ujjani Khadka and Prateema Upreti) had a proud moment when campaigners raised the funds. The piloting was successful only because of the energetic, determined campaigners.

Campaigners are still waiting for the 3 days long challenge. As soon as the situation becomes favorable, the ‘100 Green Warriors- Reloaded’ will come with a bang.