No Thanks! I Carry My Own Bag is a Nepali youth-led campaign to get plastic shopping bags banned in Nepal. We,  the Campaigners are currently working towards effective implementation of Nepal government’s decision to completely ban plastic bags in Kathmandu. Join us.

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Campaign Updates


No Thanks! Campaigners revive the awareness programs

20 July 2016: The young Campaigners of No Thanks! I Carry My Own Bag Campaign- which successfully banned plastic bags in Kathmandu from 14 April 2015 (Baishak 1, 2072) have revived their awareness programs. The Campaign along with its activities which were stalled after the disastrous earthquake of 25 April 2015, right 12 days after Nepal Govern...


‘100 Green Warriors’ challenge is back

18 October 2015: ‘No Thanks I Carry My Own Bag’ campaigners are back with the popular youth challenge ‘100 Green Warriors’ with an aim to promote bio-degradable cotton bags as an alternatives of plastic bags. The '100 Green Warriors- Reloaded' challenge was initially planned for 3 days with the target...


Youth down to streets again for effective implementation of Plastic Bag Ban: Flash mobs at various location

28 September 2015: Young campaigners of the ‘No Thanks I Carry My Own Bag’ campaign have again started heating the streets for effectively and strictly implementating the plastic bag ban in Kathmandu. The Campaigners got successful ...


Kathmandu announced plastic bags-free zone: A massive rally in the valley

14 April 2015: This Nepali New Year, the government declared Kathmandu valley a polythene bag-free zone. The Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology in association with No Thanks! I carry My Own Bag campaign organised a rally to mark the 'plastic bag ban' declaration. The Rally initiated with a Flash Mob performed by ...