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Jackie Duff’s visit to Nagar Mitra Social Enterprise Center

Jackie Duff’s visit to Nagar Mitra Social Enterprise Center

29 August 2016: The Strategic Project Director of Global Women’s Economic Empowerment at the Coca-Cola Company Ms. Jackie Duff visited Nagar Mitra- Friends of the City Social Enterprise to learn about the possibilities of working together in Coca-Cola’s 5by20 initiative.

The Nagar Mitra team presented Duff and other team members of the Coca-Cola Company and its local bottling company- Bottlers Nepal Limited about the ideas on how the Company’s initiative can be effectively implemented in Nepal.   

Launched in 2010, the 5by20 initiative aims to expand economic opportunity for five million women entrepreneurs throughout the Coca-Cola Company’s global value chain by the year 2020 through a combination of core business operations, cross-sector partnership, and strategic social investment.

The Coca-Cola Company through its local bottling company has been supporting the Nagar Mitra Social Enterprise committed towards recycling used PET bottles- a major environmental hazard if left un-recycled.

During the visit, Duff also spent a quality time interacting with the women (didibahinis) involved in sorting of PET bottles at the social enterprise. She was interested to know about their livelihood, family and income they are making through this work. She was mesmerized with dedication of each woman towards their work, and the facilities they have been given by this small enterprise.