Get Involved

You can join as a Volunteer and join the cause by getting involved in one or more of these activities:

  • By creating awareness by getting involved in various media and awareness campaigns like street plays, flash mobs, etc.
  • By getting involved in various events organised by Nagar Mitra program.
  • By promoting the cause in every way you can among your friends and acquaintances encouraging them to sell their PET bottles without throwing them haphazardly.
  • By keeping your college premise and your home PET bottles free to keep the environment clean.
  • By being engaged in creating green spaces in PET Bottle Recollection Center.
  • By sharing the cause that Nagar Mitra stands for through website, social networking sites or through word of mouth.


For registering yourself as a Volunteer, Click Here or write to

Every little step of yours can help improve the lives of waste workers, side-by-side make the urban environment clean and green.