Issue 9 - Vol 2, Falgun 2072. Feb - Mar 2016

National Volunteering Program to register volunteers from 75 districts through its new mobile App

National Volunteering Program to register volunteers from 75 districts through its new mobile App

25 March 2016

National Planning Commission’s Vice- chair Yuba Raj Khatiwada launched the National Volunteering Program’s mobile App that connects volunteers from all the 75 districts, by registering himself in the app as a volunteer. This App has feature that allow interested individuals to register themselves as a national volunteer. It also allows organizations who are seeking volunteer’s services in their work to connect with them. National Volunteering Program (NVP) is a joint initiative of Nepal Government, National Planning Commission, National Developmental Volunteer Services (NDVS) and Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI). NVP aims to form a network of 20,000 committed volunteers who are ever ready to serve the nation as and when needed and when any social, natural or financial crisis hits the nation. Volunteers will provide their services, volunteering hours and their skills and work in collaboration with different governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Vice-chairperson of National Planning Commission (NPC), Dr. Yuba Raj Khatiwada recalling his own volunteering journey from the age of 18, stated that he was really happy that the youth had taken the lead to create a common platform and now a mobile App to coordinate volunteers and to efficiently use their skills when the nation needs them the most. He also said that the government would support the youth in every possible way.”

The event was graced by representatives from different partner organizations working with youth and national volunteers from all over the country.

The special guest of the program, Prof Dr. Govinda Nepal, the Chief Economic Advisor to the Finance Minister, said that “To handle difficult issues like poverty and to facilitate effective relief and recovery works during times of disaster, the need of the service of Volunteers is higher than ever. To ensure that we can lift the country out of these problems, both the civil society and the government should join hands and work in close collaboration. They complement each other.”

The National Coordinator and leader of NVP secretariat in Kathmandu, Mr. Pradip Khatiwada said “NVP network was effective soon after the earthquake hit. In a time span of 11 months, we have expanded our network in 36 districts. This mobile app will speed up the process of reaching out to, and engaging more volunteers all over the country. After this launch, our aim is to register volunteers from all 75 districts of Nepal.”

Director of National Development Volunteer Service (NDVS), Mr. Shivaraj Chaulagain mentioned that the joint collaboration between NDVS and the platform NVP has really been helpful to expand the work of Nepal Government and to support each other in the common agenda to promote volunteerism and to serve the nation through volunteerism.

The Chairperson of the program and CEO of Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI), Ms. Shilshila Acharya said that the adverse effect of climate change in the Nepal’s geography and resources has made Nepal prone to many more disasters in the future. In order to cope with them, there is a great need of joint efforts between the civil society and the Government of Nepal. National Volunteering Program is honored to be able to lead the civil society initiative to help the Nepal Government cope with future calamities.”

This far, National Volunteers have been able to provide relief support to 12,000 earthquake victims, raised and distributed scholarships to 403 needy children and built 343 earthquake resistant temporary shelters. The program also aims to reach each VDC and each ward of all 75 districts and equip the volunteers to serve the nation in times of need.