Hi Mate!

Bringing volunteers and youth from across the world, getting them engaged in inspirational and result-oriented work in Nepal.

 Through the "Hi Mate!" program of HCI, I had contributed 14 hours of volunteer service engaged in various anti-plastic bag campaign activities. It was a surprise to notice that a developing country like Nepal has been so concerned related to its environmental issues. I was happy to be a part of the campaign and inspired from the work the Nepalese volunteers are doing to keep their city clean. It was a good learning experience for all of us.  

Ellen Lin, Taiwan

 I had worked in HCI as a volunteer for a period of one and a half month, and during my stay in Nepal, I realized that the Himalayan communities of Nepal need a medium to be heard by the world."Hi Mate!" brings volunteers from all around the world to Nepal and is an excellent mean to inspire the global citizenry, including youth to join climate resilience build-up efforts in the Himalayas through volunteering and providing financial support.  

Paula Freire Bastos, Brazil

The term ‘Hi Mate!’ is an abbreviation of the phrase “Himalayan Climate”. It is a call for action to the wider world to join efforts in conserving the Himalayas- a global heritage.

The Himalayas provide water to more than a billion people on earth- that too the part of the earth that is driving the global economic growth. The same Himalayas are currently threatened by global Climate Change. The average temperature increase in the Himalayas are two to six times more than that of the world. The Himalayas have lost more than quarter of its glaciers since 1970s. The handful of people living in the Himalayas cannot conserve it any more. They need help of the world- every help counts.

The good news is millions of people and thousands of companies across the world want to be associated with this exotic place of immense beauty. HCI- with its motto ‘Finding Smart Solutions’-is creating opportunities for the world to get a step closer to their aspiration-to work with the Himalayan people-to be part of their battle- to be part of solution.

Hi Mate! is a international youth engagement platform to inspire the global citizenry, including youth to join Climate Resilience build-up efforts in the Himalayas through volunteering and by providing/expediting flow of financial resources to the most needy. Hi Mate! Volunteers when in Nepal work closely with Nepali young volunteers/leaders under HCI’s The Gen Nep Nation First volunteering and leadership development program.