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Ensuring that no Nepali woman remains unemployed because of less formal education.

  Nowadays, we hardly get someone who is trustworthy to help us in household works and has remained a hindrance for long. Hamri Bahini.net is an easy and reliable platform to get trustworthy sisters who can help us. We can also have face to face interview before we select them for help. Moreover, we can replace any sister in case they don’t meet our expectation. Hamri Bahini.net has saved our time and energy to get sisters as per our requirement of deliverables.   

Esha Shrestha, Employer

 It is very difficult to get a job for less educated women in Nepal and they cannot do jobs that require tough physical work. I applied to various places myself, but could not get a job at all. Eventually I learnt about Hamri Bahini.net and registered my name in its online data base, which increased my chance to get employed. I am now hired by a family as a household helper and satisfied with my job as I get all the facilities as mentioned. I am thankful to Hamri Bahini.net.  

Shanta Shrestha, Household worker,Employee

is a web-enabled database of employable and skilled women, run by young female volunteers. It is a part of HamriBahini – The Green Angles Social Enterprise. As a Social Enterprise it has taken a business approach to solving the problem of mass migration/trafficking/exploitation of young and vulnerable girls out of Nepal. 

This program is making use of the energy and skills of Nepali youth through technologies like Internet and Mobile Telephony to reach out to unemployed young woman across the country and their potential employers through a user-friendly web-platform for expediting employment creation. The enterprise also runs different trainings for the young and less-educated women in order to provide them jobs and livelihood opportunities within the country.

For more details, please go through www.hamribahini.net