Hamri Bahini FAQs

Hamri Bahini-The Green Angels is a Green Social Enterprise of HCI that creates Green Jobs for the young and vulnerable Nepali women with low formal schooling and family incomes, and addresses the environmental challenges of urban centers in Nepal through a variety of smart measures.

It is helping environmental cause, and that’s why it is GREEN.

It is helping young vulnerable Nepali women by creating respectable jobs for them, and that’s why SOCIAL imperative is at the heart of it.

It is run a self-sustained business way, with profit if any being re-invested into the ENTERPRISE under the guidance of distinguished citizens of the country.

(i) Provide respectable jobs to disadvantaged young women of Nepal with low formal education.

(ii) Reduce environmental pollution in urban areas of Nepal.

(iii) Design, support and promote self-sustained Green Social enterprises

Currently HCI, along with its partners, is in the process of setting up and creating a sustainable social enterprise to create an alternative to the polythene shopping bags by employing young women to produce and market green shopping bags made of biodegradable cotton.

GIZ, Bhatbhateni Supermarket, Jyoti Group, PAGE, Prisma Advertising, Worldlink and QFX are currently supporting the Hamri Bahini Green Shopping Project. More partners are in the process of joining.

It works on the globally promoted principle of ‘polluter pays’. It encourages the use of bio-degradable and environment friendly cloth shopping bags by providing them at a subsidized price of Rs. 30 (50% of the cost of production and marketing). It discourages use of polythene bags by charging 1 Re. for its use by ordinary customers.

It creates Green Jobs to one of the most vulnerable group in the Nepali society- the young women with very little formal education. We all know that many of these women are exploited under various disguises currently within Nepal and outside of it. We have a moral obligation to provide them respectable jobs that offer them safety and security in our own country.

HCI will follow stringent monitoring process to ensure that project meets its pre determined milestones and objectives. HCI is run by a 14 member Board of Directors that comprise of some of the leading names of Nepali Business and Industry (www.himalayanclimate.org).

A seven member sub committee of HCI Board of Directors will directly supervise this project, and manage the funds to make sure that every single penny generated from the public as well as the partners are put to the right use. The members would be Anil Chitrakar, Saurabh Jyoti, Nakim Uddin, Dileep Agrawal, Ranjit Acharya, Malvika Subba, Prashant Singh.

Every member in the public will have access to a copy of the quarterly audited accounts of Hamri Bahini Fund by reputed Nepali Auditors posted within a month of the completion of the quarter at www.hamribahini.org.

HCI is committed to protect the privacy of the lives of the women involved in the project who are doing their work with highest degree of professionalism and diligence.

Currently 15 women are working on this project- many of them in the trainee status- being trained by professionals. Soon all of them, and many more will be full-time staff getting decent salary, and working condition in the context of our economy.

We encourage friends in the media to meet/talk to them at opportune times, yet maintain their privacy if they want so.

Green Shopping Project is one of the many programs under the umbrella brand of ‘Hamri Bahini-The Green Angels’ Social Enterprise. Green Housekeeping project (it is supported by an online jobs portal) is soon be launched, others like Green Commuting, Green Spaces and Green Energy are being developed. We will, however, be expanding this project and many more projects and hence many more women will be employed.