Who we are?

Hamri Bahini-The Green Angels” Social Enterprise

Hamri Bahini –The Green Angels is a social enterprise initiative of HCI that endeavors to solve the environmental and social problems through a business model.

It addresses three societal needs at the same time:

  • It provides jobs requiring very less formal education to the needy and disadvantaged group of young women of Nepal.
  • It contributes to reduce environmental pollution in urban areas of Nepal.
  • It designs, supports and promotes self-sustained social enterprises through active engagement of trained professionals.

Hamri Bahini Initiative recognizes a business need and an opportunity to apply the societal goodwill, and rapidly increasing public awareness for such a cause. It holds the belief that by taking rightful action, it can set up an example of public private partnerships where each sector plays an active role. It will bring about a massive involvement of young Nepali volunteers, educating them first hand of the country’s pressing problems and their potential solutions. It will endeavor to create partnerships with the Private Sector, and gain the support of educated young volunteers and consumers. The project will give birth to a self sustained enterprise arrangement where the benefits drawn from the marketing networks and societal goodwill go towards providing jobs to the underprivileged women bettering their livelihood.

Under the umbrella brand of ‘Hamri Bahini-The Green Angels’ Social Enterprise, many projects are at different stages of development and execution.


Sad state of our sisters

Lack of livelihood opportunities in the country for women with low formal education and skills and with poor family incomes is pushing many of them into indecent jobs including prostitution within Nepal and in the countries they get trafficked, or allured to go, under the disguise of nice sounding jobs. The irony is while this sad phenomenon happens in front of our eyes, there are endless possibilities of creating Green Jobs needing very little formal education within Nepal for such girls. At the same time, opportunities remain for improving the menacingly deteriorating environment of Nepal, especially within its urban areas like Kathmandu, with the creation of such Green jobs.