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Hamri Bahini hand overs the Harit Udhyam Tailoring to six young women entrepreneurs

Hamri Bahini hand overs the Harit Udhyam Tailoring to six young women entrepreneurs

18 February 2016:

Hamri Bahini- The Green Angels Social Enterprise handed over ‘Hamri Bahini Harit Uddhyam Tailoring’ to the six young women entrepreneurs whom Hamri Bahini have groomed for the past 2 years. The same day was marked to celebrate the opening of ‘Hamri Bahini ko Pasal’, at the premises of HCI Youth Innovation and Incubation Center (YIIC) in Baluwatar too.

The handover event took place at HCI Social Enteprise Center (SEC) in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu where the representatives from GIZ (Ellen Kallinowsky, Victor Linden, Binija Nepal), HCI board member Malvika Subba, other Hamri Bahini stakeholders, and young leaders of HCI were present. HCI’s board members – Nakkim Uddin and Saurab Jyoti joined in the opening ceremony of Hamri Bahini ko Pasal, later on.

The six young women entrepreneurs were the special highlight of the entire event. These six women Kalpana Thapa Magar, Karuna Tamang, Pabitra Oli, Phool Maya Tamang, Anjana Tamang and Sushila Tamang joined Hamri Bahini at the most difficult crossroads of their lives, but now they are strong and confident to take the lead and run their own tailoring enterprise. The products they make will be marketed by Hamri Bahini ko Pasal at this initial phase of their new journey.

Both the handover of ‘Hamri Bahini Harit Uddhyam Tailoring’ and the inauguration of ‘Hamri Bahini ko Pasal’ were done by Ellen Kalinowsky from GIZ Include who had been the biggest supporter and an honest critic to Hamri Bahini program ever since its inception. Her belief and GIZ's support have been the crucial factors to bring Hamri Bahini to the level where it stands today.  

The handover and inauguration events were tied up with one more special event. HCI team members also bid a farewell for Ms. Kallinowsky who will soon be heading towards Rwanda, completing her tenure in Nepal. She expressed her heartiest gratitude to all HCI members upon organizing such a simple yet nice event. Adding to it, Ms. Kallinowsky wished a very good luck to all the six fresh women entrepreneurs and advised them to continue doing the good work.

Member of HCI board and a significant member of Hamri Bahini team, Ms. Malvika Subba thanked Ellen for all her support and shared, “I still remember our earlier days when we came up with the concept of Hamri Bahini, there were so many things to do and we were clueless if we could achieve our goals or not. And, today I am really proud of these bahinis who have worked so hard and become aspiring entrepreneurs. I would thank Ellen and entire GIZ Include for their continuous support for Hamri Bahini.”

On the same day, Ms. Kallinowsky also conducted a small motivational session where she highlighted about the importance of sustainable practices in our daily lives to inspire the young sustainability champions, who recently gratuated from the Gen Nep Impact- Leadership Development Program's course on Sustainability.