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Farewell to Mr. Robert Monro (Country Director, British Council)

On September the 18th 2012 Himalayan Climate Initiative organized a small reception to bid a warm farewell to Mrs. Sabine Monro and Mr Robert Monro ( Country Director , British Council)for successfully completing his tenure in Nepal and for his support towards the development of our country. Many dignitaries from different sectors of the society attended the event. And entrepreneur Mr. Saurabh Jyoti from Jyoti Group of Companies represented the civil society and presented Mr. Monro with a token of appreciation. On the occassion the Founder and CEO of HCI Mr. Prashant Singh shared his gratitude towards Mr. Monro for helping HCI in its endevours. Dawa Steven Sherpa one of the board members of HCI said, “ I was firstly surprised at the fact that Mr. Monro had agreed to support us for GHT- CSCT , then it made ...

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‘Hamri Bahini – The Green Angels’ at HCI Board Meeting

During the second board meeting of Himalayan Climate Initiative, on 8th August 2012, the CEO of HCI, Prashant Singh shared the concept of ‘Hamri Bahini- The Green Angels’ Green Social Enterprise to the board members. The sample of ‘Hamri Bahini Cotton Shopping bag was also unveiled to the board members in the meeting by another Board member, Malvika Subba who is going to be the public face of ‘Hamri Bahini- The Green Angels’ from HCI. The board members were also presented with the bags. During this meeting, ‘Hamri Bahini Board Leadership Team’ comprising of Malvika Subba, Nakim Uddin, Saurav Jyoti, Ranjit Acharya and Prashant Singh was also formed....

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