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16th batch graduate on sustainability crash course

16 Septmber 2016: The Gen Nep Impact’s Leadership Development Program successfully completed its training to the 16th batch on the Sustainability module under the mentorship of Prashant Singh, Founder of HCI, Shilshila Acharya, CEO of HCI, and Bivishika Bhandari, Program Lead for Hamri Bahini. A total of 13 participants were made to brainstorm and list out what they thought could be the causes of certain problems that existed around us. They were then made to understand how environment, economy & society are inter-related, despite the nature of the problem. There were sessions of debate too, where the participants’ horizons were broadened. “The workshop and debate made the classes so interactive that I not only learnt from the mentors but from the fellow participants too” s...

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National Volunteers to work with National Reconstruction Authority

07 September 2016: CEO of National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), Mr. Sushil Gyawali visited NVP Secretariat to discuss on the possibilities to work together with National Volunteering Program (NVP) in the entire reconstruction efforts of the government of Nepal. “Considering the strong youth network that NVP has build in 37 districts of Nepal, NRA can officially partner with NVP (Himalayan Climate Initiative-HCI) to utilize that network so that it would be a help to the government in reconstruction work” said Mr. Gyawali. In the discussion session held along with NVP’s National Coordinator Mr. Pradip Khatiwada, HCI’s Founder Mr. Prashant Singh, CEO Ms. Shilshila Acharya and 20-25 National Volunteers, Mr. Gyawali assured to sign an MoU to start the official partnership soon. He also invited NVP ...

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HCI introduces Menstrual Leave

30 August 2016: HCI has introduced ‘Menstrual Leave’ policy for all of its female staff members effective from today. Considering that time of the month when most of the females are accompanied by the infamous cramps which sometimes makes them difficult to carry on with daily routine, this leave has been introduced. “HCI believes that the concept of Feminism means ‘both women and men both deserve equal rights’ and not ‘women are the same as men’ or 'women are better than men’. We acknowledge that both men and women deserve equal respect, equal rights and equal opportunities though they have different bodies and different physiologies”, says Ms. Shilshila Acharya, CEO of HCI. “HCI will also soon make “Comfort Rooms”...

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Jackie Duff’s visit to Nagar Mitra Social Enterprise Center

29 August 2016: The Strategic Project Director of Global Women’s Economic Empowerment at the Coca-Cola Company Ms. Jackie Duff visited Nagar Mitra- Friends of the City Social Enterprise to learn about the possibilities of working together in Coca-Cola’s 5by20 initiative. The Nagar Mitra team presented Duff and other team members of the Coca-Cola Company and its local bottling company- Bottlers Nepal Limited about the ideas on how the Company’s initiative can be effectively implemented in Nepal.    Launched in 2010, the 5by20 initiative aims to expand economic opportunity for five million women entrepreneurs throughout the Coca-Cola Company’s global value chain by the year 2020 through a combination of core business operations, cross-sector partnership, and strategic social investment....

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Relief materials to Pyuthan flood victims

31 July 2016: National Volunteers helped 200 families affected by flood in Pyuthan district providing them with relief materials. The National Volunteers distributed 400 blankets & 10 rolls of sleeping mattress along with 200 tarpaulins. This wouldn’t have been successful without the invaluable help of NVP District Coordinator of Pyuthan, Ms. Parbata Acharya, who provided us with the details of the survivors. Earlier, NVP had sent the relief packages to Saptari, and next destination for the team is Baglung, for which the relief materials are being collected, where the Chaudhary Group (CG) has pledged to provide 10 boxes of noodles....

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