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More than twenty six thousand kilograms of plastic waste sent for recycling

30 January 2016: Total of twenty six thousand two hundred and twenty kilogramsof plastic wastes (PET bottles) were successfully send to a recycling plant (Ganesha Ecosphere) in India by Nagar Mitra - Friends of the City on end of January. Nagar Mitra - Friends of the City is the only social enterprise in Nepal who is legally sending the plastic wastes (PET bottles) to India for recycling. The plastic wastes has been send to India with the hard efforts of nagar mitra didi-bahini who collect the Pet bottles, sort them according to their colors then compress them. Mr. Khagin Dahal, Program Lead has been continuously planning weekly programs with the team mates and Senior Management team in HCI....

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National Volunteers reach Dhading, Rasuwa, Makwanpur and Bhaktapur with warm clothes and blankets

29 January 2016: 35 families and 263 Chepangs were provided with warm blankets, sweaters, Jackets, Trousers and others at Kalikatar- 2, Takuwa. Lions Club of Hetauda Bazar, Green City also provided stationery items to 53 Chepang kids.  Prateema Upreti from National Volunteering Program with other National Volunteers met the objective of Share and Care by distributing clothes to the needy Chepang people. There were Chepang community people who sit on bare lands, who didn't even have mattresses or bed to sleep on. Similarly, on 20th January National Volunteers were sent to Rai Basti at Nuwakot (Malakot and Serafat) where 135 Male 135 Female and 50 Children were provided with clothes and blankets. On the same day, 100 male, 100 females and 250 children at Rasuwa, Haku were provided with war...

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Representatives from Ganesha Eco-sphere (India) visit Nagar Mitra - PET Bottle Recollection Center

27 January 2016: Mr. Gopal Agrawal and Mr. Prashant Khandelwal from Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd. (GESL), the largest recycling company of India and our partners, had an official visit to Nagar Mitra- Friends of the City office.  Mr. Victor Linden from GIZ Nepal and Mr. Alok Kohli from Coke were also present in the meeting. Prashant Singh, CEO and Founder of HCI briefed the business model of Nagar Mitra program in action. They were taken to the PET bottle collection, bailing and sorting section.  Both our guests from India, Mr Gopal Agrawal and Mr. Prashant Khandelwal showed their interest in how the bailing machine works. Later talking to Shilshila Acharya and Khagin Dahal, they also explained the difference between PET bottles and non-PET bottles.  Later, they also visited one of our associated...

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25 students of Dolakha gets Sadbhaw Scholarships

13 Jan 2016: 25 Sadbhaw Scholarships – Nepali le Nepali Laai were distributed to the students of Charikot, Dolakha studying in grade 8, 9 and 10. Representatives from Jagadamba Cement were present in the event and also distributed the scholarships. The scholarships were contributed by Jagadamba Cement. Santosh Ojha, Program lead of Sadbhaw Scholarships along with an intern Rohit Singh travelled 6 hours long to Charikot for scholarships distribution event. The students were studying in 5 – 6 different schools of Charikot. Divana BK is a very deserving student studying in grade 9 who used to get 90 percent marks in her examinations. After her mother expired in the devastation earthquake, she has been all looking after her household works. Therefore, her study and grades are not up to the mark. Sadbhaw ...

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Share and Care initiates to collect and distribute clothes

12 January 2016: With the motto, ‘Share the Warmth, Care for the needy’, Share and Care, a program of National Volunteering Program (NVP) has initiated to collect the warm wearable clothes from everyone interested (individuals and institutions) and eventually distribute them to the needy people specifically earthquake affected homeless victims. In regard to collection of these warm clothes, Share and Care has set up different collection centers in various areas of Kathmandu valley. So far, the program has been receiving clothes and contribution from Trisara Restaurant-Lazimpat, major branches of Bajeko Sekuwa, Himalayan climate Initiative both offices (Baluwatar and Maharajgunj) and other places from Kusunti and Bhaktapur. Palzom Pradhan – CEO of Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities (CAHC)...

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