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HCI helped recycle 2 Crores+ PET (plastic) Bottles

HCI helped recycle 2 Crores+ PET (plastic) Bottles

Kathmandu: HCI through its initiative ‘Nagar Mitra- Friends of the City Social Enterprise’ has helped recycle more than two crores used PET (plastic) bottles. The Nagar Mitra Social Enterprise has been successful in collecting, bailing and sending more than 509 tons i.e. around 2,03,60,000 PET (plastic) bottles for recycling so far.

“In the span of eight-moths, we have been able to send more than 1 crore PET bottles for recycling, and this has been possible with the addition of one more bailing machine, and with the constant improvement on the bottle sorting process. Our capacity has increased”, said Khagin Dahal, Nagar Mitra Lead. “In the month of September 2016, Nagar Mitra had celebrated the success of helping recycle 1 Crore PET bottles”, Dahal added.

This fully functional PET Collection/Sorting/Baling Social Enterprise in Kathmandu has this far given employment opportunity to 40 full time waste workers at its own premises (33 women), and has supported another 243 waste workers operating independently (increasing their income by 17% as per a recent survey).