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Chaudhary Group and Nimbus to incubate Start-ups collaborating with HCI SIBI Hub

Chaudhary Group and Nimbus to incubate Start-ups collaborating with HCI SIBI Hub

Kathmandu: Two of the Country’s most sough after young entrepreneurs Nirvana Chaudhary, MD, CG Corp and Anand Bagaria, MD, Nimbus, while addressing some four hundred aspiring young entrepreneurs declared their personal and corporate commitment to help incubate start-ups in Nepal. They were speaking at FINANCE YOUR DREAM- an event organized by Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI)- a not for profit organization that runs Social Innovation and Business Incubation Hubs in Kathmandu and Nepalganj. Both Nirvana and Anand are co-founders of HCI.


Opening the event, Prashant Singh, Founder of HCI, said, “the biggest social imperative of the day in Nepal is to create a large number of employment opportunities for the country’s youth that are leaving us in big numbers. And it is possible only through creating an enabling atmosphere for setting up businesses that create most employments.” The event was first of a series that would help the country’s most resourceful individuals from the field of business and profession to directly contribute towards improving the start-up ecosystem in Nepal.


“Chaudhary Group is committed to support young start-ups with information technology bent. We are making a large chunk of money available for such young entrepreneurs and companies. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we feel committed to make more entrepreneurs in the society”, said Nirvana Chaudhary, MD, CG Corp. Young entrepreneurs often find it difficult to access finance, as the formal source of finance, namely the banks and finance companies generally do not have much to offer to the inexperienced yet promising youth. In most emerging economies governments play a very active role in promoting incubation environment in the country.


Speaking at the occasion, Anand Bagaria, MD, Nimbus Group, said, “the core idea for a business start-up can come both ways. We generally think it comes from the entrepreneur and then get supported by the investors. We tend to forget, however, that many a times, it also comes from investors, and picked up by the young entrepreneurial talents.” It is the incubation hubs across the world that create an environment where entrepreneurial ideas are exchanged and brought to fruition.


The event is expected to attract dozens of entrepreneurial ideas that would be further shaped at HCI Incubation Hubs. The ones that are ready for investment would be presented to the investors for their consideration. The event was attended by many aspiring entrepreneurs from outside the valley. National Volunteers, one of HCI’s initiatives that is committed to have its membership reach across each and every ward of Nepal, and therefore, having more than one lakh energetic youths in its network by 2020 puts HCI in uniquely advantageous position to spread the spirit of youth entrepreneurship across Nepal.

In order to further expand its own IMACT on the society, and to encourage and support social innovation and entrepreneurship, HCI has established Social Innovation and Business Incubation Hubs at Kathmandu and Nepalgunj. National Volunteers is one of the start-ups floated by HCI.