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16th batch graduate on sustainability crash course

16th batch graduate on sustainability crash course

16 Septmber 2016:

The Gen Nep Impact’s Leadership Development Program successfully completed its training to the 16th batch on the Sustainability module under the mentorship of Prashant Singh, Founder of HCI, Shilshila Acharya, CEO of HCI, and Bivishika Bhandari, Program Lead for Hamri Bahini.

A total of 13 participants were made to brainstorm and list out what they thought could be the causes of certain problems that existed around us. They were then made to understand how environment, economy & society are inter-related, despite the nature of the problem. There were sessions of debate too, where the participants’ horizons were broadened.

“The workshop and debate made the classes so interactive that I not only learnt from the mentors but from the fellow participants too” shared one of the participants.

The training ended with certificate distribution to the participants on 16th September 2016.