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HCI introduces Menstrual Leave

HCI introduces Menstrual Leave

30 August 2016:

HCI has introduced ‘Menstrual Leave’ policy for all of its female staff members effective from today. Considering that time of the month when most of the females are accompanied by the infamous cramps which sometimes makes them difficult to carry on with daily routine, this leave has been introduced.

“HCI believes that the concept of Feminism means ‘both women and men both deserve equal rights’ and not ‘women are the same as men’ or 'women are better than men’. We acknowledge that both men and women deserve equal respect, equal rights and equal opportunities though they have different bodies and different physiologies”, says Ms. Shilshila Acharya, CEO of HCI.

“HCI will also soon make “Comfort Rooms” at its office premises to be used by everyone and anyone who is unwell, including women during their menstrual cramps”, Acharya added.

All the staff members, including males have welcomed this positive step taken by the management.

“This is a much awaited decision. Despite of the fact only some females undergo tough time during the periods, our organisation has brought in this policy for all female members. I’m sure everyone is highly appreciativez” says Ms. Bivishika Bhandari, a feminist and the Program Lead of Hamri Bahini- The Green Angels program. Ms. Bhandari was the one who had been pushing for this since she joined HCI.