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Volunteers from Taiwan visit HCI

Volunteers from Taiwan visit HCI

24 July 2016:

A group of international volunteers from Taiwan visited Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) to learn about the burning issues of the Himalayas and to get engaged in some sustainable initiatives run by HCI. The group of 17 Taiwanese volunteers was initially introduced with the National Volunteers and explained about all the smart initiatives of HCI, and were engaged in bottle sorting at the Nagar Mitra PET Bottle Recollection Center, at Chappalkharkhana, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu.

With the help of National Volunteers, they also gave public awareness on the streets of Kathmandu about the harmful effects of using plastic bags. The volunteers were from the Taiwanese corporate team-ELIV.

Previously, 13 people from the same ELIV team, on 10 July, also gave public awareness about the harmful effects of plastic bag use in the Baluwatar-Chappalkarkhana stretch and  helped sort bottles at the PET Bottle Recollection Center.