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Support to HIV infected children

Support to HIV infected children

Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) handed over a sum of rupees 2, 01, 198 (two lakhs one thousand one hundred and ninety eight) to Safalta HIV Siksha Sadan (SHSS) on 16th of July 2014. SHSS is an organization that provides education HIV infected children.

The amount was a collective support from Patrick Dunne- Bio Tech Freezedrying Company of Australia and Share and Care project of HCI. Patrick Dunne- Bio Tech Company provided the support of 2000 Australian Dollar (NRS. 1, 80, 000), while the Share and Care project supported 21, 198 rupees.

Founder and CEO of HCI, Mr. Prashant Singh, Program Lead of Hamri Bahini, Ms. Shilshila Acharya and Program Lead of Share and Care project, Mr. Pradip Kahtiwada visited SHSS in Kirtipur and handed over the amount to Raj Kumar Poon and Uma Gurung – the founders of SHSS.

HCI has committed to manage and provide support to the children living in SHSS by engaging youth volunteers and mobilizing the financial and non-financial resources efficiently and effectively.

“We all are different from each other in terms of our looks, ideologies, health condition or capability. Education is the only thing that makes us equal. And, we are happy that we are supporting in education of these children”, said Prashant Singh talking with the founders of SHSS.