Message from the Founder

Dear Friends,

Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) remains committed to its goal of furthering ‘Sustainability’ in all facets of Nepali Polity and Economy-and thereby help the global sustainable development movement. Founding HCI and building the organization into the country’s largest homegrown Social Innovation and Business Incubation Hub has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. This journey would not have been so swift without the trust and goodwill of some of the accomplished entrepreneurs and professionals of Nepal who joined me in founding HCI in 2011. Thanks to their support and that of the other stakeholders, HCI has rolled out some twelve social start-ups this far. The HCI incubated start-ups remain aligned to HCI’s three-pronged strategy, namely Educate, Demonstrate and Advocate.

Since 2012, HCI has been drawing the attention of the Government of Nepal and Global Community towards the plight of Nepal’s mountain dwellers more so in the wake of Climate Change. HCI has been advocating to the government of Nepal to develop the Great Himalaya Trails (GHT) in a Climate Smart Way, and thereby address the developmental needs of Nepal’s mountain communities in ways that do not ruin the prospects of the nature based tourism. HCI has also been advocating Nepal to adopt a Zero Carbon Economic Growth Trajectory.

While HCI continues to advocate for these ambitious initiatives and changes in policy paradigms, it has committed itself to develop hundreds if not thousands of leaders from the millennial generation that first learn to appreciate the core arguments in favor of sustainable development, and then apply their youthful and entrepreneurial ideas for the betterment of the world. HCI has been guiding young leaders incubate socially minded entrepreneurial ideas. Today, HCI is led by Youth in the true sense of the word with the average age of its staff members being less than twenty-four. The women constitute some seventy percent of the organization.  

HCI has set up Social Innovation and Business Incubation Hubs in Kathmandu and Nepalganj, and plans to have such hubs in most of the urban centers of Nepal in the due course. It also runs a Social Enterprise Center and an Advocacy Center at Kathmandu.

While I reckon HCI has a long way to go to make a visible impact, I am optimistic of HCI’s continued success- given the dozens of young leaders that have taken charge to deal with different challenges of the organization. These young hands need the help of the high and mighty in the society as the challenges the youth of today face are truly humongous- and let us not forget- largely the creation of the generations that preceded them.

Prashant Singh
Founder & Chairperson