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HCI promotes inclusion and builds resilience in Nepali society by innovating, incubating and sustaining replicable philanthropic initiatives and social enterprises. We advocate Nepal to choose a zero-carbon economic growth trajectory.


HCI CEO left her MBBS full scholarships to become an environment conservationist

22 September 2016: “Despite of all the odds, I dropped the full scholarships to study MBBS and joined Environmental Science in my undergraduate level. The decision which I made few years back has helped me be what I am today, and I am proud to have taken that decision then” says Ms. Shilshila Acharya, CEO...


Nagar Mitra Social Enterprise recycles 1 crore plus PET bottles- Partners celebrating the proud moment together

22 September 2016: The Nagar Mitra- Friends of the City Social Enterprise has been successful in collecting, bailing and sending more than 1,00,51,560 PET (plastic) bottles i.e. around 263 tons for recycling so far. The partners (GIZ, Coca-Coal- Bottlers Nepal, Ganesha Ecoshpere and Himalayan Climate Initiative) maki...


One day interaction with Himalayan Youth

20 September 2016: With the intent of raising awareness on climate change and its impacts at the  local level , inspiring transparency and accountability from the governmental  and non-governmental agencies in the development activities  targeted for the mountain communities at the national level, and ...